Friday, October 1, 2010

OTR Friday with Vic & Sade and Jack Benny Too

Our first episode of Vic and Sade comes from sometime in September 1939. Rush hatches a scheme to impress his teachers and get better grades. Sade shows a proper motherly disdain and Vic's sarcasm only serves to fuel Rush's bad idea.

Trivia note, we learn that Rooster Davis' real first name is Edwin.

Hippety-hop and la-de-dah.

Our next episode comes from September 6, 1939. This one contains another running theme with Vic trying to squeeze in some office work at home, and constantly being interrupted. I find this very similar to me trying to get work done at my office and find Rhymer's satiric barbs hitting me in the head.

BTW...Blue-Tooth Johnson is out by the garbage box...

From small town to the big time show bidness...

This week on "Speaking of Radio: The Jack Benny Program" part 5, we get the low down on the art of the running gag and inside struggles with the censors from head writer himself George Balzer.

Then we're treated to an extended excerpt from an episode parodying "King Solomon's Mines" with guest star Deborah Kerr showing some nice comedy chops.

Listen closely, that's not only Don Wilson as the tribal chief and Dennis Day as Kerr's coniving brother, but Mel Blanc sneaking in a bit of Woody Woodpecker and Bugs Bunny among the animal noises in the jungle.

Dig in folks.

Now, get done laughing and get to work!

Talk to you soon.

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