Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gunslinger Herbie Popnecker and The Screwy Machine

Howdy Pahtnahs. More Herbie Popnecker to make your midweek seem even MORE mundane and ordinary than it already is...especially in comparison to the fantastic adventures of our favorite fat little nothing. Read on!

First up is a western adventure as Herbie becomes the slickest gunslinger in the west. He has to do something, when he naps he makes his father mad apparently...

Herbie also meets a ferocious polka-dotted lion, the eccentric Dr. Meringue, a millionaire so stereotypical he could put the Monopoly Guy to shame, Time-travel lollipops and the usual crew at The O.K. Corral...

A reminder to make sure you read more Herbie.

Herbie's first letters page...even these are funny as Herbie addresses the readers.

Seriously...can somebody please call child protective services on "Dad"?

...nevermind, Professor Flipdome will do.

Herbie's too good to old "Dad" if you ask me.

I wish I had a bumblebee chassis!

"Dad" is starting to grow on me as an unwitting antagonist. What worries me is, "Mom"'s starting to look hot!

Talk to you soon.

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