Saturday, October 30, 2010

Captain Marvel and the MSofE Ch. 16 - and Superman Gets Ready to Spring!

Saturday morning serial time and Captain Marvel Adventures #37 brings us Chapter 16 of the groundbreaking 25 part serial, "Captain Marvel and the Monster Society of Evil"!

A cool little ad for the Captain Marvel Club is also in this issue with a pimp from the evil Mr. Mind his-self!

Read on kiddoes!

Meanwhile...plotting and scheming at his frozen Fortress of Solitude, Superman gets ready for his vengeful plan to hatch against Jeffy!

Back to our story...

whew...that was a toughy Cap...I don't know WHAT could happen NEXT!

Dunh! Dunh! Dunnnnnnnh!! dramatic music.

What is Superman's deal? What's he got against poor little Jeffy? Is he really so attention starved?

Join me back here tonight for a special Halloween weekend "Saturday Night Drink Hole Concert" and tomorrow for "Sunday Funnies", then on Monday for the begining fo the climax of "Superman's Revenge" or; "Why Don't Ya Love Me Like Ya Used To Do, Jeffy?"

Talk to you soon.

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