Friday, October 22, 2010

OTR Friday - Vic and Sade, Jack Benny and Superman is Still Jealous!

More treasures from the mind and typewriter of Paul Rhymer on Vic & Sade...

First up the episode of October 30, 1939, and this one is frought with running gags well established as well as the language we've all come to love and expect from this show.

Shortly after the noonday meal, the family sifts through "the sheaf of wires, letters, postal cards and telegrams as delivered by the mailman". In the bushels of mail they got, Vic romantically imagines "hundreds of women heavily veiled and greatly agitated have dropped him a line assuring him of their love" but all he has reieved is a reminder to pay his $2 bill at Kleeburger's department store. Rush gets a letter from his Sunday School teacher stating she missed him last week...though Rush was there and was ..."as conspicuous as a horse". Sade garners a postal card from the "Lazy Hours Pool Hall" promising her a free dish of cole slaw with every game of billiards played, but more importantly she wrangles not one, not two, not three, but FIVE letters of greeting from a Christmas Card company in Toledo, Ohio.

Listen in...

Our second Vic & Sade comes from the very next day, October 31, 1939. Another great example of the solidity of telling the tales with but three speaking actors, made all the more evident by Smelly Clark being just outside and Blue-Tooth Johnson...actually IN the room.

And are those strange noises coming from mice? Davenport springs contracting with a change in temperature or "...murderous marauders skulking nearby waiting to plunder and kill!"?

Sheer genius...

Next up is part 7 of the 12 part "Speaking of Radio: The Jack Benny Program".

Here we get more insight into Jack's participation in the writers room as well as a little spotlight on Jack's real life wife Sadie Marx, or as we all know her better, Mary Livingstone...

...also a little clip from the show era of Jack and Mary's adopted daughter Joan... well as a contemporary comment by her, all growed up.


Talk to you soon.

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