Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nemo 19 - 1 of 2 - Kerry Drake Intrigue and The Art of Russell Patterson

Sunday Funnies time again and the 19th issue of Nemo: the Classic Comics Library.

First up, a complete sequence from that seminal detective strip, "Kerry Drake". We've read so much of Allen Saunders autobiography here in the pages of Nemo, it's nice to see just how well plotted his stories could be. Incredible artwork by the great Alfred Andriola only makes it all better!


"Penmen of the Past" looks to the work of Russell Patterson. A true American folk artist of the 1920's, capturing the humor and art deco style of speak easies, flappers and the era when there was no middle class...only the rich and the wish-they-were-rich.

As the economic changes we're now going through slowly but surely push us back to this dynamic, maybe we can learn something from these cartoons.

Meh, if not, we can still marvel at how good newspapers used to look before the pie-charts and BS of USA Today.

Part 2 of the look at Russell Patterson as well as the second half of Nemo #19 will be here next Sunday...parience gentle reader.

Talk to you soon.

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