Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nemo number 18 - 2 of 2

The Sunday Funnies are a little late in the day...but nothing shall stop their appointed rounds!

Part two of my posting of Nemo #18 continued from Sunday last, the back pages of this issue prove once again, that Nemo HAD no filler - just chock full of good, hearty comics strip nutrition!

First up, "Penmen of the Past" hits on the great Winsor McCay and some of his editorial cartooning work. Any fan of "Little Nemo" or his animation work, will be dazzled to see this work, as will anyone else.


Next up is a review of those comic strips at the top of the famous strips in golden age Sunday papers.

Back when cartoonists had an entire tabloid page to work their talents, editors with an eye on value (even back then there were pinheads with spreadsheets trying to milk the last penny out of every nickel) asked the artists to produce second strips to ride atop their flagship titles.

Some grand stuff here by Rube Goldberg, Billy DeBeck, E.C. Segar, Chic Young, Harold grey and a passle of others.

Read on!

Continuing Nemo's serialized autobiography of Allen Saunders, here's more "Playwright for Paper Actors".

Very good reading!

Nemo hands us more reprints of "Sam's Strip", the insiders comic strip...

...and letters, Nemo gets letters...

I hope you all have a happy read about some of somic strip history's shining gems. There's plenty more where that came from!

Talk to you soon.

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