Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Herbie Popnecker IS The Fat Fury!!!!!!!!!!

It HAD to happen. With the Silver-Age of comic book super heroes in full swing in the mid 1960's and super heroes well taking over the comic book market, Herbie had to take them on. Taking them on of course meant becomming one of them.

But as only Ogden Whitney could do it. Introducing "The Fat Fury"!!

Like Jack Cole's "Plastic Man" and Will Eisner's latter era "Spirit"...Herbie is not your ordinary super hero. I'm sure the helm at ACG would have loved for "The Fat Fury" to take over every single issue in their battle against the super hero onslaught, but he never did. Featured in every other issue from here on out, Whitney took it all in his own pace and Herbie stayed true and the FF added to the fun.

I still love the letters pages with Herbie taking questions from the audience. Not a wasted page in these books.

The only thing missing from this next story, in which Herbie meets the first President of the United States, is there's no panel with Martha Washington swooning over our little hero.
I say that if Herbie is dashing enough to make the hearts of Jackie Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson flutter, it's enough to put a rise in Martha's bustle too.

Talk to you soon.

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