Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kris Kristofferson - "Broken Freedom Song" - Drink Hole Saturday Night Concert

Tonight Ye Olde Drink Hole Amphitheatre is proud to bring you, "New Dylan", "Poet Lauriette", "Rhodes Scholar", "Songwriter Hall of Famer", "Highwayman" Kris Kristofferson with his 2003 live album for Oh Boy Records: "Broken Freedom Song".

If the hallmark for all great songwriters is that their songs are timeless, Kristofferson has proven that for almost 5 decades.

Seriously...get a beer, turn the lights off and enjoy!

"Shipwrecked in the Eighties" - "And you turn and you find that your trusty companion is gone, 'So long, Tonto.'"

"Darby's Castle" - "It took 30 days for the timbers to be raised...but it only took one night to bring it down..."

"Broken Freedom Song" - "No one's missing till you need 'em, ain't no fun to sing that song no more"

"Shandy (The Perfect Disguise)" - "All she could pay was attention, so all they could take was her time."

"What About Me" - "Do you really believe in freedom?"

"Here Comes That Rainbow Again" - based on a scene from the movie "The Grapes of Wrath". I say that because the scene is not in the book, but perfectly an addition by John Ford to John Steinbecks work. True art.

"Nobody Wins" - Started as a broken hearted love song, but just like that election that Bush stole and left us in the diplomatic and finacial mess we're all in...nobody wins. Now that's good songwriting.

"The Race" - The "answer song" to The Wind Beneath My are The Shit Beneath My Shoes.

"The Captive" - "For the moment I remain, a captive of the human brain, that blew itself to pieces over you."

"The Circle (Song for Layla Al-Attar and Los Olivdados)" - Searching for what matters instead of just what happened. When art dies for politics sake it may be our greatest travesty against ourselves.

"Sky King" - The story of how Kris knew he was a songwriter.

"Sandinista" - "May the soldiers disappear..." what strikes me here is, may the need for soldiers disappear...

"Moment of Forever" - One of my favorite love songs ever. Those moments that will last a lifetime, but flit away so quickly.

"Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down" - This one goes from Kris' daddy' mouth to the ears of everyone I love and care about...don't let them bastards get you down.

"Road Warrior's Lament" - "...right till the end, until it's over..."

OK...maybe you should have a couple beers. Some sad sounding songs, but every one containing hope.

Talk to you soon.

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