Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sub-Continental Herbie Popnecker, That Loveable Mop-Top

More of "October is Herbie" month here in my head. Today is "Herbie" issue 5, ACG's fantastical humor feature about the little fat boy who could.

Herbie visits the mysterious sub-continent and the country of Hanki Panki as he stops Mao Tse Tung from his Red Chinese take over of the country in his attempted move into India. And yes, the princess got some junk in her trunk...lucky little fat Herbie.

ACG did a great job of adding personality to it's comic by making every page truly Herbie-centric. Here's an ad for the next issue with Herbie breaking down the fourth wall.

Even more fun to me are the letters pages in which Herbie hisself answers the queries by fans. Seems like more work than Herbie would be willing to do, but maybe he had some assistants.

It WAS the mid-1960's after all...and what storyteller wouldn't be lured by the prospect of one pop-icon meeting another.

Herbie meets the Beetles...and we learn why the fans went so wild.

Also a hint at the smash hit "Lollipop Lover" by Herbie himself...sigh...if only this wasn't pre-multi-media.

Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

And then what? Does he land? Does he see the error of his ways? Does Pincus Popnecker make a final statement as to his son's size, girth, and worth?

In other words, is there another page?

And in yet other words, thanks beyond what even other words can convey for these great scans! Herbie #2 was the first comic I ever bought, and I still have that issue — now coverless and sans center spread. Herbie infiltrated my own comics, too. Wotta guy!

Jeff Overturf said...

Oooops! You're right...there IS another page...I've corrected the post, nice catch.

Hopefully you've clicked the "Herbie Popnecker" label to the right to check out the other posts...I believe I got them all.

Thanks for dropping by, good to have another discerning comic book reader on the block!

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