Saturday, October 23, 2010

John Prine - "Live on Tour" - Drink Hole Saturday Night Concerts

"Picture Show"

"Quit Hollerin' at Me"

"You Got Gold"

"Unwed Fathers"

"Space Monkey"

"The Late John Garfield Blues"

"Storm Windows"

"Jesus: The Missing Years"

"Humidity Built the Snowman"

"Illegal Smile"

"Daddy's Little Pumpkin"

"Lake Marie"

Remember, I don't put these files up for share. John Prine is a working artist...if you like what you've heard, check him out at his website here.

Talk to you soon.


Gabriel said...

Your head is the deepest hole to fall in, Jeff! It's easy to get lost in there, but... Who cares!?
Love your gags on "Jesus: The Missing Years" and "Humidity Built the Snowman".

Jeff Overturf said...

Fall in any time you want, Gabriel! As crowded as it is in there, I love the company.

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