Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Loch Ness Monster and A Charitable Herbie Popnecker

More Herbie Popnecker and his universe expand even further...

This has got to be the most original take on what the Lock Ness Monster would look like I've ever seen. The two heads don't throw me as much as the color scheme chosen, which seem to make Nessy look like a shaven cat!

Really the biggest monster in Herbie's world is the abusive "Dad". But, Herbie seems to love and respact him...and who am I to think I know more than Herbie?

That's right...the saving grace of every young boy. An understanding Grandfather...

I love the aliens in the last panel of this page.

Shudder..."Cougars Gone Sour" or "MILF's from the Unknown"? Choosing between Ladybird Johnson and Queen Elizabeth II...I'd pick lollipops too!

Herbie letters. I really do like to read letter columns from 45 years I weird?

I'm getting in line for my next issue of Herbie...don't wanna be bopped by no lollipop!

A pre-requistite Herbie text story. Remember, back in olden times, comics required 2 pages of text to be allowed the magazine rate from the post office. Rules and regulations, you know.

Anyone else out there feel like pasting "Dad" one upside the snoot? Me too!

Herbie Popnecker: Master of Disguise!

Told ya.

I still want to give "Dad" a good pasting!

Talk to you soon.


Lysdexicuss said...

Panel 4 page of the 1st story is classic.

What colorist chose to color 'Herbie' green on that perfectly good cover ? I want to photo-shop it yellow !!

Jeff Overturf said...

There are a lot of individual panels which shine with independent inspiration. It's like Whitney attacked certain frames at the start of a day, and you can almost pick out which ones.

Lysdexicuss said...

I am a big fan of reverse-engineering a gag or image myself. it really gets yer problem-solving juices flowing. you have a punchline, now, how do you create the scene around it ?

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