Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nemo Issue 17 - All Dick Tracy All the Time! - 1 of 2

Sunday Funnies time again kids. Time to stay in your jammies and curl up with a big glass of chocolate milk and stare for hours at the exploits of your favorite comic strip heroes!

Whenever I announce to someone that Dick Tracy is one of my top 5 favorite comic strips, the response is "I never read the strip but that was a great movie!" or "I never read the strip but hat movie sucked!". Sigh.

Nemo devotes an entire issue to that perfect black and white detective, Dick's the first half.

Enjoy...I dare you NOT too!

My apologies to folks out there who would like the full issue posted. Time constraints have made scanning a full issue just too forboding. I promise part 2 of 2 is coming next Sunday, chock full of more Chester Gould goodness!

Talk to you soon!


Marco said...

There was a movie?

I know the cartoons were banned from TV because of Joe Jitsu and some other nonsense. Wow, a movie.. Oh the 1938ish movie. It wasn't all that bad.

Jeff Overturf said...

Don't try and play "dumb" with me...I'm better at it than you are!

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