Monday, September 13, 2010

New "The Telepone Song" Video - Now With Production (If Not Values)

Ah memories of Labor Day. The last paid day off between here and Thanksgiving. Harrumph!

Last week I reported that the Saturday of the holiday weekend was hosted by myself and roommate Mike here at "The Steamy Grotto" and a motly crew assembled for a day of beer, music and Italian Beef sammiches. Pictured below in a hackneyed panoramic shot are most of the players. Left to right Mark Crowley, me, Scott Michael Campbell (my sister's number 2 son), Frank Terando Jr. (my panoramic gave him 3 arms...betcha he brags about it) and Mike Crowley.

Taking the picture was Kelli King, taken here from a surveylance video at the mall I presume.

As the afternoon got greasier and drunker and clear thoughts seems few and far between...someone remembered us making a big to-do out of my "I Love Rachael Ray" song in video form and inspiration struck.

The audio is punchy in places, apparently the sound guy was as drunk as the rest of us, but here's the end result. A full cast version of "A Phone Call We've All Made (The Telephone Song)" an Uncle Jeffy composition...

Thanks guys. I dig the hell out of this stuff.

Here's hoping next Labor Day is as good.
Talk to you soon.

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