Thursday, September 16, 2010

Herbie Popnecker - The Little Fat Boy Returns...Again

Extra-Terrestrial Invasion! Monsters from Another Dimension! And now Herbie Popnecker must meet his greatest challenge yet!!! He has to go to the grocery store for his Mother and get some...Dunh! Dunh! Dunh! (dramatic music)...SALAD DRESSING!!!!

Fan response came flooding in to the mail room at ACG for the little humor (presumably filler) feature it had stuck in the middle of it's sci-fi anthology comic, Forbidden Worlds and there seemed no stopping our little butt-plug shaped hero of the understated. Check out Herbie's third appearance in FW #110...

 THAT's just silly.
Great isn't it? The attraction of this little speck keeps growing for me.

Here's a sampling of the letters ACG had recieved up to this time.

The people have spoken. No more dry, serious sci-fi for them...Herbie was the way of the future. I can hardly wait to dig into more...we'll continue our discussion of all things Herbie next week.

Oh, and if Bob Wills and Willie Nelson didn't predict the coming of our over-stuffed little hero...Nora Jones and her side project "The Little Willies" certainly looked back with fondness...

Again...probably not.

Talk to you soon.


Marco said...

The kid kinda grows on ya, huh?

Might help he's shaped like we are, too!

Jeff Overturf said...

Fat is where it's AT!

Ya gotta be ROUND, ta git DOWN!

FAT ass is BAD ass!!

Weebles WOBBLE but they don't FALL DOWN!! I'm just streatching.

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