Thursday, September 23, 2010

Herbie Popnecker Hodgepodge

Herbie Popnecker! That whirlwind of action! That surging volcanic burst of seething energy!

After 5 appearances under the cover of ACG's anthology title "Forbidden Worlds" over the course of 5 (1958-1963) years, was finally given his own comic book. In todays world, one appearance by a character (one probably forged from the minds of 17 marketing graduates) would be appearing as a series of comics, a line of toys and an animated series on Cartoon Network. Back in the day though, things moved slower.

Being the completist I am (like my blogger buddy Lysdexicuss) here's some ACG house ads promoting the "Coming of Herbie!"...

Herbie did make one more appearance in the pages of another ACG book before his premiere. A slightly out of character one in 1961 in the pages of "Unknown Worlds" #20.

Again being the completist I am (another term for borderline OCD) here's that story. Look for a cameo by our favorite little fat nothing on page 11.

...and don't think I'm just a tease...Herbie in his own title will be back in this humble blog next week.

Talk to you soon.

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