Saturday, September 25, 2010

Joe Ely - "Live at The Liberty Lunch" - Drink Hole Saturday Night Concerts

Are you ready to get your rockin' shoes on???

Texas troubadore, Flatlander, original indy rocker...Joe Ely's lightin' up Ye Olde Drink Hole tonight. Have a beer and a bump and dance a little!

"Me and Billy the Kid" - A modern day gunslinger love ballad. One of my faves!

"Are You Listenin', Lucky?" - The best rock and roll "Hey...I'm with that girl that YOU let get away!" song ever!

"Grandfather Blues" - Wondering what context he'll be viewed in, in comparison to what HE sees from the past. Real Texas rock and roll poetry.

"B.B.Q. and Foam" - This is the kind of love song I wish I could write.

"Row of Dominoes" - One knocks over the next.

"Dallas" - Do you know where I'm comin' from? Have you ever seen Dallas from a DC-9 at night?

"Where is My Love?" - "Donde esta mi amore?"...I wonder this sometimes. Sometimes I just like wondering...I don't really need an answer.

"She Gotta Get the Gettin'" - A woman on a mission. With the eye of the tiger I bet.

"Drivin' to the Poorhouse in a Limosine" - Ya ever do this? Seems like I always am!

"Cool Rockin' Loretta" - That woman you drop everything else for.

"Musta Notta Gotta Lotta" - I used to feel this in my partying days. Now I still feel like I justa-musta-notta-gotta-lotta sleep last night.

"Letter to L.A." - A personal love anthem to the city of angels.

"If You Were a Bluebird" - A Butch Hancock song that trumps all "what-it-would-be" love songs ever written.

If you liked what you heard, check out this working artist at his website.

Talk to you soon.

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