Friday, September 24, 2010

OTR Friday - Still MORE Vic & Sade and Jack Benny Too

Sit back, relax and laugh with your ears wide's OTR Friday!

Disgruntled people dealing with the obligations of family members seems to be the theme in this weeks offering of shows from Paul Rhymer. July 5, 1939 finds Sade prodding Vic and Rush off of their keisters to fetch a parting gift left by the Donahues in their cellar for the Gooks. Two tons of coal no less.

Here we hear Rush trying to dodge the labor and wanting to take part instead to one of his favorite passtimes "watching the fat businessment play handball down at the YM(CA)". This actually sounds fun to me.

The genius of Rhymers understatement again as Sade lays out the logic for fetching 2 tons of coal from one cellar to the next in the dog days of August, and the men of the households rebuttle is often no more than "Mmmm.". You've no idea how hard that is to write. Genius.

August 30, 1939 has Rush in a dour funk over his mother (Sade) picking out his school clothes. Imagine, a big grown almost a man hgih schooler like him and his mother shopping for his clothes like he was a babe. Ooh the travesty. Oooooh the indignation.

Vic's observance of how Rush must feel is worth every minute. "A man with a breakin' heart. I suppose his spirit is just as agonized as over this as that of a great businessman beset by difficulties. The intensity of the suffering from a persons troubles is the same whether the person is young or old. The infant who's denied the rattle it desires is no more or no less distressed than the desperate banker who finds shortages in his accounts. And the 14 year old boy who isn't permitted to select his own clothes, endures the same misery as the..." Beautiful.

Vic's plan to rob a bank with Sade and escape over the Missouri state line while Rush provides a false scent is pretty funny too.


More cast members come forward in this weeks Jack Benny Program spotlight. More behind the scenes insights into one of the longest running and possibly THE best radio program of all time.

This week we hear from Frank Nelson who played any number of ascerbic doormen, floorwalkers, know...the "Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeesssss?!?" guy...

Also more from Don Wilson on one of his most famous flubs.

And even the great...let me repeat that...GREAT Mel Blanc. Still sorely missed.

Here's "Speaking of Radio: The Jack Benny Program" part 4

That's just good stuff.

Talk to you soon.

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