Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Devil and Herbie Popnecker

The adventure continues for ACG's little fat nothing...who WAS "Forbidden Worlds" #116.

He's taken on aliens, Frankensteins, Draculas, ghosts, goblins and more, and this outing the absurdity continues as Herbie Popnecker takes on Satan hisself!

Even more absurd is that Herbie's lackluster and unnapreciative parents rely on their little fat boy for a solution to dads unemployment problems. Herbie of course, comes through.

PLUS Herbie gets to cop a feel of Eliabeth know, back when you'd want to do that kind of thing.

The intentional blandness of the art continues to tickle me, check out Beelzebub and his imps in full high school drama costume in their parts.

Dig's Herbie!

Here's a little taste of even more of the reader response to Herbie in the pages of this sci-fi anthology magazine. Herbie would soon no longer be able to be contained here-in me thinks...

Man! Herbie sure showed that devil what for!

Like Daniel Webster and Johnny the fiddle player, Herbie kicked some Satanic ass!

Play it Charlie!!!

Talk to you soon.


Sam A. Robrin said...

Hm. On p. 2, the Devil's dart places Herbie right around Lincoln, Nebraska--but that's only 1,208 miles from Washington, DC--less than half the distance referred to before. If ACG gave out retroactive no-prizes, I'd try to come up with an explanation for that....

Jeff Overturf said...

Maybe Herbie's relative location to Washington D.C. given before, wasn't "as the crow flies" but rather Herbie's prefered route. :)

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