Monday, September 20, 2010

"Tillamook County Jail" - Singing Todd Snider on a Jeffy Sing-A-Song Monday

It's "Jeffy Sing-A-Song Monday Morning" again. Songs of inspiration, contemplation, damnation, subjugation and elation. Musical masturbation that won't be found on any other station.

I hadn't learned to play any one's songs in a long while and felt I needed to refresh my play list. This Todd Snider song about a vacation-gone-wrong to his Mom's house in Oregon with his newly acquired wife has been sticking in my head for years so I thought I'd give it a try.

May not be the kind of song you want to hear to start off your week, but I beg to differ. My job is making me feel a little trapped with no way out of late, and this song puts a little humorous spin on the idea of knowing you're where you might not want to be.


Talk to you soon.

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