Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jimmy Buffett - "Feeding Frenzy" - Drink Hole Sturday Night Concert

Grab a bottle of Red Stripe Beer and a handful of jumbo shrimp, kick those shoes off and envision yourself on a sunny un-spoiled beach where the temperature is always 78-82 degrees! Tonight Ye Olde Drink Hole plays host to the King of the Parrotheads - Jimmy Buffett!

This concert album from 1990 will make you forget your troubles...all except the wondering of why you have a job. At least that's what I always wonder.


"You'll Never Work in Dis Bidness Again" - Jimmy is another of Uncle Jeffy's heroes who has made a long career from doing it the way that seemed right instead of the way the suits dictate. Here's his "why am I still here when you all said I wouldn't be?" song.

"The City" - Coming up as a songwriter and troubadour himself, Jimmy's always there to support others. Here's one by his rhythm guitar player and harmonizing vocalist, Mac MacAnaly. Includes the intro to the next song (I wonder what the engineers on live albums are thinking sometimes...)

"Last Mango in Paris" - The second hand memoirs of the legendary Captain Tony.

"Come Monday" - One of his biggest. The ballad that even mentions Montana in it...we Parrot-Heads are from everywhere you know. :)

"Today's Message" - Reverend Jimmy's take on the state of the world (the present being 1990) and the hilarious intro to the next song...

"A Love Song (from a different point of view)" - You've heard Uncle Jeffy sing this one here before...the song Jimmy placed the pseudonym 'Marvin Gardens' on...'Why Don't We Get Drunk'...

"One Particular Harbor" - Here's the big one for me...this is the one that explains the Parrot-Head head. That place you go where everything makes sense. "Ia ora te natura, mea aroja teie ao nei" near as I can discover means "Nature lives, Have pity for the Earth" or "Life to nature, love the Earth". In any case, it makes you feel good to sing along. It makes everything make sense that's important.

"Honey Do" - Get out and DO IT! Advice I wish I'd take.

"Cheeseburger in Paradise" - Jimmy was stranded at sea and the biggest reward he could imagine for his getting to shore was the perfect cheeseburger. I understand that. Another sing-along great.

"A Pirate Looks at Forty" - Uncle Jeffy sang this one here too. The first song I ever learned on a guitar. And I think I made a good choice. Cousin Frank terando's standard order for the song I'm to sing at his funeral.

"Jolly Mon Sing" - A Carribean Seas legend. The Jolly Mon comes round and makes ya feel good then rides away on his dolphin.

"Gypsies in the Palace" - When Jimmy hits the road he has house-sitters, this is a tale. Makes you think of those relatives that come make themselves a little too much 'at home'. Unfortunately those dipshit engineers left the intro to this track at the end of the last one.

"Fins" - A real Parrot-Head anthem. Raise your fins!!!!!

"Margaritaville" - The ubiquitous Parrot-Head National Anthem. Come on, you know you want to salt your rim and sing along.

"Jamaica Farewell" - Jimmy's tribute to the Harry Belafonte classic. He does it right. I'll throw in my thank you to Harry here for making us all want to find what's exotic in this world.

"Volcano" - The sing-along closer to end alll sing-along closers. I don't know where I'm-a-gonna-go either.

Check out more Buffett madness at his own website. And if you haven't been to a Buffett concert, you haven't really been to a party!

Talk to you soon.

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