Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hints for Happy Co-Habitation #132

Gee...with the run of "Herbie" comics at an end, I'm gonna be at a loss for what to run here, who am I kiddin'...I never run out of stuff in my head.

This past week my landlord found room in her heart to grant me an early Christmas present (actually I think she found room in her tax return for a write-off for tenant improvements) and tore out the ratty old carpet here in "The Steamy Grotto/The House of Whacks" and throw down real-artificial-geniune-faux-hardwood floors. It's quite the step up for lower-caste folk like me, and it brought up another "Hint for Happy Co-Habitation".

For those who may have missed my earlier hints, check here for a little sampling as well as what brought around the Co-Habitat.

And now that you're up to y'are:

Hint #132: "Allow each other to make mistakes" These little trails are what make us who we are.

Talk to you soon.


Akshunt "Action" Frank Franklyn said...

who are we kidding, he'll NEVER learn...

Lysdexicuss said...

Nice. Hardwood floors is the ONLY way to exist. BOO to carpets ! BOOOOOO ! Plus, with hardwood, you will get interesting Dust-Bunnies !!

Jeff Overturf said...

Frank: If there's one thing he's learned, it's that you can't teach him anything!

Lys: I'm afraid the dust bunnies will run scared from Mike's constant sliding.

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