Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Superman Berzerk Conclusion - and More Herbie Popnecker Too!

After a long wait...Jeffy's Angel's have a prognosis for what made Superman act in a jealous rage toward Jeffy! Let's listen in through the magic of blogovision!

OK. It was a little base.

For those of you who thought better of me and thought I wouldn't end this story with a punchline akin to one from "Two and a Half Men" I have 3 statements in my defense:

1. In an entertainment world where purvaisinve violence and gore is becoming more and more acceptable, where CSI is on prime time TV 12 nights a week with it's graphic depiction of violent crimes and "Saw" is coming to us in 3D...I believe that of sex and violence, sex is the one taboo weshould find far less harmful to our collective psyche than violence.

2. Why the heck would you think "better of me"? Have we never met? Have you not laid witness to my knuckleheadedness before? And what's more...did you think I actually had an ending in mind when I started this story?

3. Let's read a Herbie comic!

Talk to you soon.


Lysdexicuss said...

The image of Supes & Rusty that you planted in my head leans more toward violence than sex... but... having said that, I would like to quote Andy Griffith: "I'm darn proud of you Boy. Let's get ourselves some blueberry pie !"

ps: Hope to see more of Jeffy's Angels in future toons, they really put on a show.

Jeff Overturf said...

Aunt Bea's blueberry pie would be an AWESOME reward for seeing something through. Thaks Lys, I'm humbly proud of myself for not quitting half way though myself.

P.S. Fear not, Jeffy's Angel's shall return. I have renewed my resolve to make this blog what I initially intended...a way to comment on all things (minute or gargantuan) and have fun. The core cast of characters is who you see in the masthead for the most part with slight changes coming soon, but The Angels will be part of it, for sure. I like the blog format because there aren't restrictions. The work can be as long or as short as needed. Traditional print formats need not be adhered to for layouts. And with graphics, video, audio and all manner of things, can take whatever form it needs.

As always, thanks to those who check in from time to time and especially those like you who comment and join in the fun. The comments are as big a part of it all as anything I put forth. I really am having fun. I'm glad you are too.

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