Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Herbie Popnecker - We Hardly Knew Ye.

Well we've come to the bitter end gentle readers. "Herbie" #23 is the last published issue of our favorite little fat nothing.

I've heard the legends of this comic for years and was lucky enough to glom on to these scans of the entire run a few years ago on a usenet newsgroup...but I never really sat down to drink it all in. Until now. The reason I began posting this series on my blog was so I would sit down and finally read them all...and I'm glad I did. The series was every bit as surreal and fun as I'd always heard. I love it when a legend lives up to itself.

I hope you've all enjoyed the run too. And I hope I helped hip a few that were unaware to some very funny stories. This last issue only has one new story, the second is a reprint of the first Herbie story from Forbidden Worlds #73, "Herbie's Quiet Saturday Afternoon" posted here.

Farewell Herbie, we hardly knew ye...

But we do get this keen ad!

Talk to you soon.

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Lysdexicuss said...

My favorite Herbie cover is the one where he is following the Fat Ugly Lady's ASS ! We were lucky to have this many issues and his early appearances in Forbidden Worlds. I am ON-board if anyone wants to solicit Dark Horse for a Herbie Anthology One-shot !

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