Monday, November 15, 2010

Jeffy Music Monday - "The Marvelous Toy"

A couple of things this past week inspired me to drag out this old chestnut for "Jeffy Music Monday".

First off was the release on DVD and BlueRay of Pixar's "Toy Story 3" this past Tuesday. If you missed my post here you should know that I believe Pixar is officially allowed to change it's name to "Our Movies Don't Suck"! If you haven't seen it, go ahead and tell yourself you won't cry...I won't tell anyone when you do.

Secondly, there's been some rearranging of things here at "The Steamy Grotto/The House of Whacks" this past week as the landlord wanted to do some tenant improvements, and of course everytime pack-rats like me move long un-moved boxes of our stuff around, we find hidden treasures we had forgotten we buried.

It is a wonderment to folks like my fellow blogger Ivan G. Shreve Jr. (and to me sometimes as well) that I had a mother who didn't throw all my childhood treasures away...and I'm eternally grateful. This song was originally performed by "The Chad Mitchell Trio" about 50 years ago (I still have my brother Bob's 45 rpm record of it) that I used to play ad nauseum as a kid...and it's still wedged in my head. Here it is...

"The Marvelous Toy":

Talk to you soon.

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