Friday, November 5, 2010

OTR Friday and Jeffy Seeks Help!

While Jeffy fills the Angels in on Superman's situation and has a beer or two...let's take time out for some Old Timey IS Friday after all!

Vic and Sade bring us two more wonderfully meaty and funny episodes...

From November 14, 1939, Rush has plans to single handedly tear down a 3 story brick building and the reputation it will garner him...

...and November 21, 1939, Rush explains to Sade his envy for Smelly Clark's scheme of gaining more Christmas gifts this year. Ingenious!

And this week in Speaking of Radio: The Jack Benny Program part 9 of 12, Jack's long time manager tells of Jack's appreciation for the simple things in life, the move from NBC to CBS and Jack's friendship with George Burns. Good stuff!

Talk to you soon.


Mykal said...

Great cartooning, Jeff. Charming, in the best sense of the word. Of course, how can you fail when you count on Jeffy's Angels?

Lysdexicuss said...

Do you do most of yer tooning while sitt'n onna stool at ye ol' drink hole ? Gosh, I hope so ~! The idea of being creative around scampily clad Girls is so Romantic. If I ever go back to drinking, I will live (& die) on a bar stool and do just that ~!

Jeff Overturf said...'re can NOT fail when you have Jeffy's Angels on yer side!

Jeff Overturf said...

Lys: I wish I a perfect world I would, though I don't know how the cartoons would look with all those distractions. My eye wouldn't be on the paper much, So no...I do most of my drawing from 7 to 8 am at the kitchen table trying to meet my self-imposed blog deadline.

But by all means, if it keeps the illusion alive, imagine me propped up at my favorite stool with a bevy of gals at my side and a fresh beer served for every page I finish....I approve.

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