Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Epic-er and Epic-er, said Lysdexicuss! Superman, Jeffy and Herbie too!

In our last episode, Jeffy tried escaping the murderous and disguised Superman by hopping into a "Herbie" comic book!

Let's see what's happening, shall we?

Whew...that Jeffy sure gets in some fixes!!

Enjoy some Herbie now!

Talk to you soon!


Lysdexicuss said...

Wicked cool ! Did you run enlarged Herbie panels through a "Comic Actions" filter on Photoshop to get that amazing pixilated effect ? Oh~ and~ the Lollipop of understanding is every bit as amusing As Adam West/Batman's 'Alphabet-Soup Analyzer' ! Great to see your rendition of Herbie ! I've got a couple idears too; hope to get to them soon !

Jeff Overturf said...

That was just a pixelization filter on PS. Trust me, my knowledge of photoshop is the same as all my computer usage..."Push some buttons and see what happens!".

I can't wait to see what ideas you've got hatching.

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