Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Funnies - Nemo issue 21 - part 1 of 2

Happy, happy Sunday and a little relaxing with the Sunday Funnies. Today, the first half of the August, 1986 issue of that tome of all things good in newspaper strips, Nemo: the Classic Comics Library!

Here's just a glimpse at all the goodness packed into this issue...

The entire first half of this issue (right up to the staples, boys) is devoted to a little-known strip by cartoonist Jack Kent called "King Aroo". King Aroo ran from 1950-65 and is definitely a treasure worth diggin' for if you haven't been exposed to it.

In the opening article, Richard Marschall himself places King Aroo in the category of "intellectual strips" and compares it to Krazy Kat, Barnaby, Peanuts and Pogo! Any strip that's favorably held up to the light of 4 of the best comic strips ever done (and all in my top 10) is worth a look-see.



Next Sunday be sure to be back for the second half of Nemo #21, with ganders at Harold Gray's "Little Joe"; former office boy Gunboat Hudson recounting his life as an office boy at The New York Journal in the 1910's; and a retrospective of some panel cartoons by the great Percy Crosby!

Before that though, I hope you'll come on back tomorrow and see the continuing saga of Jeffy & His Angels and the renegade Superman as I doodle my way through some nonsense I made up.

Talk to you soon.

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