Friday, November 26, 2010

OTR Friday for Lazy Tryptophan Comas!

As another turkey sandwich flows over our pallet and even more tryptophan coarses through our veins, an afternoon of good solid OTR is just the thing

I too am feeling the lull of the big bird, so I'll leave most of my commentary out this week and let you drink in the goodness of some of the best comed ever created.

From the little house half way up on the next block we finish up our undated 1939 episodes with two that focus on the patriarch of the Gook family.

The first centers on an annual running gag in which Vic is compiling his list of names of whom to send Christmas Cards to and Sades worrying about the oceans of money being spent. "15 centses don't fall from the sky!". This one has some great Paul Rhymer names in it that are worth hearing. Rushes relating the story of the "1st chair barber over at the Butler House Hotel" who has lived his entire life without recieving a Christmas Card and now lives in fear of breaking his streak is pure Rhymer gold.


The second episode highlights Vic's ego as he relates to writing an article for the local paper...and how easily said ego gets deflated. Sound quality here drifts in and out, but I would never think of omitting this one.


Now it's on to "Speaking of Radio: the Jack Benny Program" part 12 of 12 and final of this great documentary!

This one covers alot including Jacks 15 year relationship with The Merican Tobacco Co. and Lucky Strikes cigarettes.

There's a very funny overview of the stroyline in which Jack fired "The Sportsmen Quartet" for wanting too much money...

...and creates a new quartet from Bing Crosby...

...Dick Haymes...

...Andy Russell....

...and Dennis Day.

...and a series of sketches in which Mel Blanc plays a bakery man selling Jack "Cimmaron Rolls".

Comedy genius from the smallest of things.

I'm going to have to search hard for something to fill the place of this show on "OTR Friday" now that it's over.

Talk to you soon.

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