Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nemo #21 - 2 of 2 - Sunday Funnies!

Sunday Funnies kiddoes and here's part 2 of Nemo: the Classic Comics Library #21. Find part 1 here.

First up we get a looksee into a strip Harold Gray did under the guise of a pen name, read on to learn more. This strip, like Gray's signature "Little Orphan Annie", is about an orphan as well. "Little Joe" and his adventures in the Wild West...with a complete sequence from the 1940's!

Gunboat Hudson was an office boy in the 1910's at Hearst's New York Journal. Check out his unique perspective at working with some legendary giants!

And lastly at the back of this issue...proving there was NO filler content in this amazing magazine...

A lot of you may be aquainted with Percy Crosby's "Skippy" slapstick strip, but Crosby also did some amazing social commentary as panel strips featuring his unique brand of "slum kid". Drink in the artistry. This is some fantastic stuff!

See you next Sunday for Nemo #22, and I hope you check in all week for the goings on inside my head.

Talk to you soon.

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