Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stuff You May Have Missed...That I Hope You Didn't - Part Two

Continuing my work in the real world that cuts into valuable worthwhile blogging time, here's another bunch of re-posts of stuff that newer readers may have missed that I'm fond of.

A series of posts I did from September 2009 + a bonus from November. My former roommate Mike through a combination of factors such as economics, work-place logistics and yes...just a hint of bro-mance (it's natural and it's healthy people, don't judge!) moved back in with me.

Though I'd been drawing cartoons of myself since I was 3, it took me a bit of experimenting to draw Mike just right. I think I have him down now...

...but you'll see in my earlier posts it was more hit and miss. Ah, the learning curve.

here are my...

"HINTS FOR A HAPPY CO-HABITATION" - with Uncle Jeffy and Roommate Mike!

HINT: "It's All About Stacking"

My ex-roommate moves back home. As always, click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

The prodigal roommate. It's all there but the fatted calf.

HINT: "Establish Clearly Defined Roles"

Even though there are signs that the economy is on the up-tick, things are a long way from being the "fat, dumb and happy" days of prosperity we were used to a couple of years ago. In consequence, a lot of adjustments are being made by a lot of people, not just in their work life, but domestically as well.

People's homes being foreclosed on, people downsizing their lifestyles, parents with boomerang children and even boomerang grandchildren...these things are making strange bunk-mates for a big percentage of the population...and not everyone is used to living in such close quarters. Not everyone knows that there are rules to be established to grant them their personal space, lend a modicum of civility with their relationships and ensure retention of their quality of life.

I'm no expert, but in my short time on this "big blue marble", I've had 4 different room/house-mates and I'm proud to say I'm still on speaking terms with at least 47.3% of them. I have some hints, or rules if you will, to pass along to the rest of you that may just help you in your new situations.

Here's the first "Hint for a Happy Co-Habitation" with Uncle Jeffy and Mike. As always, click the thumbnails to view full size.

Learn it and live it, gentle readers. More to come. Download 'em, save 'em, mix 'em, match 'em, trade 'em with yer friends.

HINT: "Understand and Appreciate the Value of Shared Resources"

Another helpful hint for domestic happiness!

HINT: "Draw Clear-Cut Boundaries" - Your "Me" time is important!

HINT: "Be Supportive. Celebrate and Acknowledge One Anther's Accomplishments. Praise and Nurture"

104 posts to this blog, and this is my first "fart joke". I'm very proud of my own restraint.

HINT: "It's OK to keep "the past" separate from "the Now" - for every one's sake!

We fall into a false sense of security with our house-mates, which betrays us as we try and be open about ourselves.

It's OK to be secretive about unpleasantness's of the past.

People said I was crazy to post that old High School picture ONCE. Hah! I showed 'em who's crazy!!

See y'all tomorrow!


Akshunt "Action" Frank Franklyn said...

wow I forgot about that photo!!! you look like a red headed Pat from 90's SNL... now keep in mind I an't gay, but given the choice I'd fuck the cartoon

than and now...

I'm just say'n

Marco said...

Whoa! Jeff with HAIR. Yer sure were a pretty little red-headed boy there.

.. but I'd fuck the cartoon too

Jeff Overturf said...

Then I guess we're all agreed.


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