Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - "You're Over the Line, Flatlander!"

Born May 6, 1945, Jimmie Dale Gilmore celebrates his 65th birthday today!

I've already spoken of Jimmie and his music and contribution to the legendary Flatlanders in previous posts.

Here's a little of Jimmie doing what he does best. Beautifully crafted songs sung in a haunting "High Lonesome" voice. Haunting and moving...this is Jimmie Dale Gilmore:

Jimmie is a pretty slick interpreter of classic country blues too...Here he is doing "Black Snake Moan" or "Matchbox" as it's alternately called....

My nephew Scott Michael Campbell is working hard to get an independent film he's written called "The Last Best Place" made. It deals with growing up in, leaving and coming back to small town life, more specifically his home town of Missoula, Montana. He's created a promotional film of stills to help him with this, and his Uncle Jeffy was proud to see he had chosen a Jimmie Dale song to lay in the background!

Of course some of you may know Jimmie Dale best from his memorable cameo in (IMHO one of the best 20 films EVER made) The Coen Brothers' "The Big Lebowski".

You remember Smokey don't you...the conscientious objector who put his toe over the line...

No matter how you know Gilmore, he's sure to have left an impression on you.

Happy Birthday Jimmie Dale! And thanks for all the music you've given us and continue to give us!

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