Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stuff You May Have Missed...That I Hope You Didn't - Part Four

The "real" world still taking up my time so here's more stuff you may have missed...


More on my recurring theme that we should devote out time to valuable pursuits rather than occupying our time with menial tasks. This is a difficult point for me to get across and I'm still trying to find the right way.

Here's a few of my attempts.

Someday I'll get it right.


...Like Vladimir and Estragon...

...some parts of our life are like we're 'Waiting for Godot'.

Life is really not lived on the peaks or in the's all about the in-betweens.

With a special nod to Charles Schulz for all those great strips with Charlie Brown and Linus leaning on the brick wall, asking and answering the important questions.


The beginning of a new year. A time of renewal, a time of re-examination of ones self. A time a lot of us choose to resolve to make changes in our lives:

I almost made it a full 60 seconds there. Maybe next year.


It's not the medium that counts, but what gets done with them. People sometimes get nostalgic for the tools used rather than what was built with them.


Ahhhh justice is blind...and she works at the Drink Hole!


No matter what you do. No matter how clumsily or how miniscule. If it's coming from the heart, no one should try and belittle it.

Wisdom from Dan Reeder:

I know what you're all thinking out there: "Hey Jeff...why are you singing and playing guitar on here when you're as rhythmically and tonally challenged as you are?"

My answer?: "'Cause I like to!"

You may even be a person who likes to sing and everyone around you cringes at the sounds emanating from you.

My answer?: "To Hell with them!"

Music's a magic thing that makes people feel good. There was a time before mp3's, before CD's, before cassette tapes, vinyl records, 8-track tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, copper cylinders and magnetic wire, when people made their own music on their front porches and back yards.

And everyone had a good time. It was a form of communication.

This post is a love song for everyone who likes to bang on an instrument or sing in the shower. Written by Dan Reeder, it tells us that you should make the most out of the simplest of songs and no one should laugh at you. And what they can do if they do if they object.

See y'all tomorrow!


Runs.with.Ferals said...

GREAT POST Jeff~! Every dang thang about it rings true. That quote at the end is priceless; I have never heard it put precisely that way but have been 'preaching' (ranting) variations on that theme for several years. How ironic~! To Live in an Age of Information but be surrounded by under-achieving Ignoramuses with skewed priorities~!

I too have wondered what an Iron Man/Batman Billion-Dollar orgy would look like~! Superman would be at the Gay bar on the seedy side of town, full of guilt and shame~! (worse than kryptonite to the poor guy)

Do you really hang out in bars where the Womens are all in Bikinis ? Man~! You're making me want to drink again (but if the booze didn't kill me, the bimbos would~!)

Marco said...

You forgot...

And remember folks, I don't give a shit about your Farmville, Mafia, talking animal videos, or any other self-indulgent, self-absorbed, self-promoting, narcissistic, on line presence.

Thanks Jeff, for helping to make the internets become something more than what it is - The Easel of The Banal.

(although a little porn and Bea Arthur fakes are fine!)

Gabriel said...

After reading all your ramblings of your last posts I have the feeling you're goin' mad!!
But it's the price the genius like you have too pay to acchive such a sharpness of understanding.
The reasons are plain to see after viewing your picture as a Young Dog on part two.

It's my clumsy spanish eye or there's certain resemblance between you and Johannes Gutenberg!!

Thanks for make me smile again and again!

Unca Jeffy said...

Thank you all for the great comments. If my meaning has gotten across to you, then I have achieved my goal. "Rage, rage, raging against the dying of the light" can be lonesome. :)

Lydexicuss - yes indeedy, the "Lingerie Bar" is alive and well in my section of Orange County, California. Where the beer is cold and the women in their underwear/bikinis are warm. sigh.

Marco - You know my motto is "Never forget the banality of Farmville! Never forget!"

Gabriel - MAD YOU SAY?!?!?...yeah...probably.

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