Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Autobiographics and You

I realized the other day, that when I do my autobiographical comics as opposed to the ones with fictional characters, there are two different audiences of appreciation. There's the ones reading who are accepting the story, and those who actually know the people who I am including in my day to day life.

Here's a little inside shot for the folks on the outside...I hate to exclude anyone.

See below comparisons of some of the people who appear (willingly or not) in my blog from time to time, their caricatures and photos.

In the upper left is Mike Crowley, he plays the semi-detached/unflappable roommate in real life and sometimes in my cartoons too. Frank Terando Jr. in the upper right plays the part of "the Douche" in my strips and perfects it in real life. Mark Crowley in the bottom tier doing what he does best, telling me whatever I say is a "good idea" and then we go have a beer together.

Keep in mind that the photo studies were taken after the cartoons were imitates cartoons and vice versa.

OH! And here's what we look like in our undercover guises when we battle evil Unobtanium Industrialists on Pandora...and then do a Beatles parody!

The album will be called "Meet the Ava-tards".

See y'all tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Where are the check boxes for real reactions...???

Jeff Overturf said...

such as?

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