Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stuff You May Have Missed...That I Hope You Didn't - Part One

This week at work I'm working a few extra hours and traveling a few extra miles. I'm NOT complaining (yet), I know I have nothing to whine about with the economy still floundering. And after all, it's not like I have to haul 16 tons of #9 coal to get may daily rations...I owe my soul to the company store without that much sweat. But it is crimping my blogging time more than I'm used to of late.

I've been lucky enough to garner a few new readers here of late, both Google followers AND lurkers, and it occurred to me that I've done a few things here that I'm fairly proud of that they probably will never see unless I re post them. Anyone doing a Google search on "John Prine" or "The Fleischer Brothers" has a chance of finding my rambling posts on them (I always invite folks to scroll through my "label" list in the right hand column to find points of interest as well) but no one would ever find some of the stuff I've done if they never knew they existed.

Therefor, with your kind indulgence, I'd like to spend the next few days re-posting some of my favorites that you would most likely not seek out, but that I'd like for you to see. :)

"TURF LOG" #1: "Cradle of a Comic Book Civilization!":

Back in 1994 I was an off-set press operator and had delusions of self-publishing a comic book. It was to be produced in black & white (budget considerations, you know) and I actually ran off a few copies of the first issue. The color cover was produced by making 6 single color passes (there's yellow on the back) on a one-color press, but the interior was all glorious black and white. Last year (June-July) as I began working on this blog, I decided to color it in Photo-shop.


Wayyyyyyyyy back there in the early 1990's at the age of about 31, I had also taught myself guitar. I was a fan of the comic book "Neil the Horse" and was intrigued by the notion of music in comic book form. Back then of course there was no technology that would properly get this across. Lo, came the multimedia platform that you sit before now! Here's the back-up feature to the comic book and me singing the song.

I'd suggest opening this in two windows so you can hear the song while you cruise through the comic book. Um...that's what I do anyway (he said embarrassed).

It's a little rough around some edges, but there's still things I like about it. I hope you do to.

See y'all tomorrow!


Akshunt "Action" Frank Franklyn said...

by the way how's dirt doing....

Jeff Overturf said...

I've been lucky enough to being reacquainted with him through the magic of Facebook!!

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