Friday, May 14, 2010

Stuff You May Have Missed...That I Hope You Didn't - Part Three

The "real" world is still using up my time, so I bring you even more stuff you may have missed that I hope you didn't! THIS time posts related to the real world using up my time!

Surreal and topical, ain't it?


If there's one underlying theme to my blog, it's that I believe humans are valuable and good and worthwhile and have a lot to contribute creatively to the world and therefor themselves. AND my frustration that the society we've built smothers people living up to their potential by forcing us into lives of all the bullshit: "paying bills", "filing paperwork", "keeping records", "bargain hunting", "keeping warranties", "working by the hour"...all those things that we're trained to believe since childhood are the "Important" things.

They were wrong.

Drudgery, tediousness, minded-tasks do NOT contribute to humanity/society. Art, music, story-telling in any form, laughter DO!

Albert Einstein did not make his greatest contribution by gaining an understanding of matter/energy relativity...he did it by being a thoughtful man with a sense of humor who wanted to understand people.

Stephen Hawking hasn't made his greatest effort in understanding great cosmic concepts...he does it through his ability to explain them to we of more limited understand.

That bitch at the DMV who tells you to get to the back of the line so she can make $13 for another hour of shuffling papers is just a bag of shit.

George W. Bush is a douche-nozzle.

I'm still working on how to explain it's a few of my attempts:

- A cartoon I did pre-blog -

- A few posts done during my last vacation taken last August -

- reminiscing about the previous vacation -

- An interruption!-

A horrible thing happened to interrupt my vacation today! Just as I was enjoying a light snooze on the patio...

I got over it though.

Don't worry.

I'll be fine.

- Then - a REAL interruption!! -

Yesterday I picked up my phone for the first time since my vacation started ( was the first time in 3 days that I was curious about the time) and noticed a missed call and voice message.

It seems not everyone at work (clients OR fellow workers at other branches) was aware I was out of the office for a few days. There was a rambling message about something ULTRA-important someone needed my help with.

I evaluated the true importance of the matter. Then I deleted the message. My imagination took over and I found myself in a post-apocalyptic world of the future looking back on the folly of the poor humans...

The End...?

P.S. For readers who don't know what I do for a living, just insert your own work trivialities for mine. The specifics of the drama are unimportant.

- The end of my peace and tranquility -

Back to work today.

Addendum 1: What I really meant to say was, "Crap, crap, crappity-crap, crap!"

- I finally put it into words -

One of the things I dislike about work is, there's always something to "do".

We have "To Do" lists even, the writing of which, gives you one more thing to "do".

The problem with the need to "do" something is, we lose sight of whether it's worth "doing" or not. We are lead to believe that "doing" is the ideal and not the getting of something "done". We spend so much time and energy looking for something to "do" that we spend time "doing" things that "don't" really need to be "done", and we ignore "doing" what's really important to "do".

I'm "done".


I'll have MORE on this biting topic...but for now, the "real" world calls me. The landlady says I have to heed it's call.

Until tomorrow...words of wisdom by Robert Earl Keen:

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