Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

That grand Mexico inspired holiday that says it's OK to get drunk...even though it's Wednesday!!!

It's actually the commemoration of "The Battle of Puebla" on May 5, 1862 when French forces attacked Mexico to extract payment for debts owed by Mexico. A fifty-year-undefeated and well-armed, well-prepared French force of 8,000 was smacked down by an ill-prepared, ill-armed, unaware Mexican force of 4,000 and sent running!

The French eventually won the war and occupied Mexico City within the year, but this winning battle in the midst of a losing war is looked upon with pride by people of Mexican heritage. It's always inspiring when the underdog gets a shot or two in if you ask me.

It ought to at least serve as a lesson to those law-makers in Arizona in recent's not very well advised to sneak up on guys who may look like they're not paying attention...they might be more able than you think.

Anyway...we celebrate it in this country by tipping a few cervesas and downing a few taquitos. Cruel fate just landed it on a Wednesday this year...sigh! Go out and try and enjoy your day anyway everyone!

But Seis de Mayo hangovers allowed.

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