Monday, May 17, 2010

Stuff You May Have Missed...That I Hope You Didn't - Part Six

Happy Monday every one. The "real" world continues to eat time from me. My pocket book likes it, though my sleep habits are off a bit. I plan on getting back to new posts tomorrow, but here's one last couple of posts from last summer you may have missed...


"Turf Log" issue #2. Written and Drawn in 1994, color slapped on it in 2009. It's a love story. As always, click the smaller thumbnails to view full size. Enjoy!

Some of the names of the innocent and the guilty have been changed.

The 5 comic book pages here are the original supplemental feature to Turf Log issue #2, "Kindegarten: The Final Frontier". Written and drawn by me back in 1994, with color splashed on them in 2009.

That story was a love story, so the song in the back was of course a love that a 5 year old boy could get behind. This is a song you should all remember from childhood, but just in case your memory is foggy I've included this "Uncle Jeffy Pre-Approved Video" of me singing it to jog your memory.

Now that you've got the tune in your head, sing along with the comic!


Lysdexicuss said...

I am sooo jealous about your lack of ear canal, tiny hairs & sand etc. I suffered from a bad case of 'Old Dog' syndrome recently (Vestibular Disorder), and the constant Vertigo was the kind of trip an Old drug user doesn't like~ beyond one's control~!

Did TURF LOG ever see print ? Before your current stance on saving trees from an
unnecessary fate that is...

My 3rd grade teacher Ms. Ziegler reminds me of your Kindergarten school teacher. I STILL have the hots for her to this day~!

By the time I reached Junior High, the luster of being an 'Artist' had worn off. It turned more into an annoyance~ as everybody wanted to take advantage of my skill for all kinds of projects outside my realm of interest~! Oh, well... Better to be wanted than not at all I guess~!

Jeff Overturf said...

The inner ear thing (as fictional as it is...I do have something awry there) is a blessing and a curse. I can't ride a bike, but I also don't get air sick, car sick, sea sick or anything related. I can go to the fair and have 3 corndogs, some funnel cake and all the stale warm beer I want and STILL ride the Zipper.

No, the Turf Log never saw print...self publishing seemed too daunting. I like saving trees better anyway.

The annoyance you speak of is one that lingers to this day, though I'm much better at saying "no" to those projects I don't care about "for favors".

Thanks for taking the time Lysdexicuss. I appreciate it.

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