Sunday, January 24, 2010

These Kids Today...Ahhhh, Maybe The Kids ARE Alright

"You kids GET OFFA MY LAWN!"

Do you ever hear yourself sounding like that? You don't really have to be old chronologically to sound like a crotchety old man (though I can see "Old" pretty clearly on the horizon) sometimes it's other factors that bring it out.

I find myself talking about "These kids today" and "Things used to be different" whenever I get frustrated with whatever is forced down my throat by whatever the "Top 40" or "Mainstream Media" has to offer.

I sounded like this when I was a teenager in the late 1970's and the music industry was convincing America that Disco and Corporate Country were the best music could be.

The truth is, the mainstream ladles up whatever appeals to the lowest common denominator because that's what will sell the most. Offend the sensibilities of or challenge the artistic sensibilities of the least number of people and you got yourself a hit.

Ask yourself this the next time someone says about the music of Brittany Spears, Lionel Ritchie, Kenny G, Michael Bolton...or whatever middle-of-the-road, namby-pamby, white-bread, bullshit pop star of the day or your generation, that they are the BEST EVER! I know because they sell the most records!!!! Is McDonalds the BEST EVER hamburger made by ANYONE? They MUST be...they sell more.

No. McDonalds sells more burgers because they're non-offensive, packed with sugar, kids want them because they're the same everywhere.

Just like the music of (fill in the blank), the movies of (fill in the blank) and books of (fill in the blank).

And the reason I get the "Angry Old Man" syndrome is because the performer/artist that takes the easy way out and does things with the minimum amount of creativity or work, reaps the reward. The next generation learns from this and they work even less to contribute something good.

Settle down all you "Angry Old Men". There's still some people out there willing to put in the effort.

Let your hearts rejoice and have some encouragement for the human race.

I don't know the full story behind these videos, but they are two wonderful examples of a younger generation that understands that it's worth being creative and putting in the extra effort.


Keep it up kids! You can play in my yard ANYTIME!

Do something really well. That's what's WORTH DOING!

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