Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Morning Stretch - "SHAZAM"!

Intermission in the Drink Hole Dialogues: - remember this blog is whatever drifts through my mind day to day - and my mind does tend to drift!

Yesterday had a cameo by Captain Marvel and I realized I have been remiss here in not having featured him as yet. One of my all time favorite comic book heroes and I had left him by the wayside.

I'll do a proper spotlight on the character, created in 1939 by C.C. Beck and Bill Parker later, and on the law suit between DC Comics and Fawcett Comics that buried the character for over 20 years, but for now, here's "The World's Mightiest Mortal"'s first ever appearance.

The character was originally called Captain Thunder and was slated to appear in Flash Comics issue 1. An "ash-can" proof was printed and the powers that be realized that they couldn't copyright "Captain Thunder" OR "Flash Comics" because they were both already in use by competitors, so come time to publish to the marketplace, Captain Marvel (shortened from the suggested Captain Marvelous) debuted in the renamed Whiz Comics #2.

Here you go. Enjoy!

As I said, I'll go on more about these great, largely ignored comics at a later date, including the whole Marvel Family of heroes. Pictured here: Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr. Mary Marvel, Uncle Dudley Marvel and the 3 Marvel Lieutenants, Hill, Fat and Tall Marvel's.

These comics were magical and fantastical and just plain fun.

Tomorrow: Back to the Drink Hole!

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