Monday, January 11, 2010

Robert Earl Keen Jr.: Frat Boy Sing-Along Cowboy!

Born this day in 1956, Robert Earl Keen Jr. turns 54 today!

Robert Earl is another one of those songwriter/storyteller heroes of mine who hails from Texas. I don't know if it's the air, the water, the soil, or what-all...but there's something there that nurtures the imagination...and we listeners are all the better for it.

Robert Earl is one of those modern wonders who's work appeals to traditional Country fans,, folkies and the frat boy crowd. He attributes this last segment of is fan base to the fact that, you can remember the words to his songs and sing along when you're drunk! Not a bad thing.

For the uninitiated, here's some Robert Earl Keen songs.

"Shades of Grey":

"Corpus Cristi Bay":

This is one of those artists I wanted to spotlight that YouTube let me down least at first.

One of my favorite Keen songs is "The Bluegrass Widow" and the story he told on his live album about it. No such luck on YouTube...but I did find a couple of gems that are being added to my favorites list. Take a'll be glad you did.

"Phuck It!":


"Is There Wireless in Heaven?":

And a special treat I found. Robert Earl, Bruce Robison and Todd Snider doing REK's signature tune, "The Road Goes On Forever":

Thanks Robert! For all the stories in your songs!

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