Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Don't Wanna Be A Unicorn

The rains keep coming!

Thanks for all your well wishes during "STORMWATCH 2010" and concerns for my safety during this great national crisis of Southern California's annual "week of actually having weather"...oh wait...none were SENT!

Ah well. I suppose I am being overly affected by a little rain. I DID grow up in Montana, after all, where weather conditions change on an hourly basis.

But THAT was 25 years past. I'm not used to it being anything but a moderate, min-70's F range. So when we get more than an inch of rain it's news. And THIS TIME WE GOT TORNADOS!!

Here's a video of Tuesday's storm taken about 2 miles from my home. Ironically, this was posted by a Mr. Dick Deluxe, who I coincidentally was going to write about in tomorrows post...stay tuned for that.

It pales to folks in the Gulf Region who regularly put up with hurricane conditions, and certainly doesn't compare with natural disasters like we have in Haiti presently, but if there's a God up there, he's obviously MAD.

This past few days of sogginess reminding me of this little ditty written by Shel Silverstein:

It's a cute story of course, but we all know that the real cause of the unicorn's extinction was simply that they're DELICIOUS! If you've never had a good unicorn butt steak, you haven't lived!

Their ground up horns were a sought after aphrodesiac too.

See ya tomorrow!


Random Acts of Happy said...

so, you're sayin' albert hammond was wrong? ya think it's raining because god is mad at NBC?
I only watch the news when I am falling asleep so sometimes i get confused...But a far as I can tell Conan O'Brien caused an earthquake in Hattie so Jay Leno had to come to the rescue...but then it's gets a little blurry....why was i posting on here? mmm Oh, right! Stay dry Jeffy!

Marco said...


Marco said...

I'd be concerned for your safety if you actually lived in a dangerous area. Stay dry bud.

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