Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Drink Hole Dialogues: Effects of the Recession 1

In this blog, you've seen me frequent a quaint little lingerie bar I call "The Drink Hole".

"The Drink Hole", as you may have guessed, is actually an amalgam of various comfortable places I like to hang out in in real life. My fictional Drink Hole is better though. The beer is cheaper, the girls who work there (Jeffy's Angels) actually know me by name rather than by how many $1 bills are in front of me and probably most importantly, instead of conversing with the mooks at the real bars, the clientele in my blogs' Drink Hole are much more interesting.

Case in point: Superman and I discuss the effects of the recession. Even the "Man of Steel" is not invulnerable to our economic crisis:

Oh images to embiggen to readable size.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely Priceless!
Thank Gawd for "The Blog"
Keep'em coming Jeffy...

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