Monday, January 18, 2010

Oliver Hardy! Where'd You Go?

Born this date in 1892, this is the 118th anniversary of Oliver Hardy. One half, along with Stan Laurel, of probably the funniest comedy duo who ever worked.

Both of the boys began their careers solo in the silent era of the 1920's, then one day the comedy insight of Hal Roach brought them together in 1927. They worked together for the next 25 years or so.

Funnier than the bejeesus, these boys were a pleasure to watch. They developed and nurtured characters the audience genuinely liked and cared about, then put those characters in situations that let their incredible timing unfold.

What's that you say? You've never seen them perform?

Well then, why not check out their work on DVD.

What's that? No one out their is releasing Laurel and Hardy's films?

It's true. Though some of their silent solo work that has fallen into public domain has been released, the bulk of their classic work lies rotting in a vault.

I think I'll leave off on this post right here. I'll leave it open ended until someone smartens up.

Aw's a clip of the boys in action. Pitifully, there's not much out there digitally of their stuff either. We'll get back to that another day.

Happy birthday Ollie! I'll be waiting!

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