Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good Advice for Troubled Times from Dr. Jeffy and Dr. Jeffy

We live in troubled times, gentle readers. I worry about all of you out there.

The crisis in the world economy by itself, without all the other troubles out there, are enough to get you sick.

That's why Dr. Jeffy M.D. and Dr. Jeffy Psy.D. are here to help.

In a world and time when so many people are unemployed or under-employed, when families are at risk or have already lost their homes and when our largest and wealthiest generation has lost much of said wealth, just as they reach the threshold of retirement, there's lots to worry about.

That's not to mention the worldwide strife we hear or are exposed to personally every day. Darfur, Alqaida and other world terrorism, earthquakes, famine and flood. We all have to cope with dealing with this every day.

The technological world we live in of cell phone, Internet, 24 hour news networks, twitter...we are subjected to more information on a minute to minute basis than the human mind was ever meant to withstand.

It's important we stay informed. It's important we remain involved and caring and empathetic.

For the challenges of keeping your livelihood and your home we have to remain diligent.

But I don't want you getting sick over it. At a certain point your stewing in your own worry-juices is not being productive.

For your own sakes, once you've done what you can, walk away from it all. Reserve your energy for the next battle.

You'll need it.

For your own sakes...not all the time mind you...but every once in a while when it gets too tough...sing this song. I learned it from Robert Earl Keen, Jr. and it's my new time of trouble mantra.

Hang in there. We're going to need you when this is all over.

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