Saturday, December 5, 2009

Walt Disney - A Magical Creator/Innovator/Visionary - NOT for Revisionists to Slander

Walt Disney was born today in 1901, he WOULD be 108 years old...damn cigarettes!

See how dumb that sounds?

Walt Disney was an incredibly talented man. He saw what he wanted to accomplish, and had the chutzpah to get it done. The things that he did cannot be wrangled by anyone in this day and age; in fact, this day and age would partially not be what it is if not for some of the things he did to drag us from the century before last into the modern age of today. He caused great technological advancements for all the right reasons. Spawned by creativity and an artistic sense, that technology was needed to help him achieve his goals.

Too often now, people create the technology and look for reasons to use it instead of the other way around...bad news for us. Take a look at that motion-capture travesty of "A Christmas Carol" that's being released with Walt's name on it. Horrid! Makes me want to wretch.

Enough about all that nonsense though. This blog is about positive influences. This blog is about the truth. For more about steps (leaps) made by Uncle Walt, see my earlier post here.

Walt was a storyteller above all else. He had a knack for telling a joyful story in and entertaining and appealing way. Walt put together the best and the brightest and guided them in the right direction...then let them work their magic. And magic, it was.

THAT's his legacy.

What better way to enjoy that legacy than admiring the work of the man himself. Since Christmas is sneaking upon us, here's some Disney cartoons with a Christmas theme, enjoy!

From 1932, here's Mickey (as voiced by Walt himself) and Pluto in "Mickey's Good Deed":

A color "Silly Symphony" from the same year, "Santa's Workshop":

And from 20 years later, 1952, here's Pluto, Mickey and Chip an' Dale in "Pluto's Christmas Tree" (watch for cameos by Goofy, Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse at the end):

Thanks Walt!

Again and again and again!

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Jeff Overturf said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it James. One of the main objectives of this blog is to do positive stories about worthwhile people and things and subtract from the negative sensationalism out there.

I hope you come back again.

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