Monday, December 7, 2009

Tom Waits - Poet of the Underbelly

Born on this "Day of Infamy" in 1949, Tom Waits turns 60 years old today!

Tom Waits is the truest of artists-poets. His work really has to be experienced to even try and understand.

He's a songwriter/poet who really sees the beauty in the seedy. In the dark alleys that, no matter how much you turn your head and ignore, really are all around us. Even though the light struggles to be found there, he finds it. And finds the honesty and beauty that's under that light. No sugar coating. It's all beautiful of it's own merit.

A personality/singer/songwriter/musician/actor, he has really built a specific identity that I wouldn't even try and pigeon-hole here. All I can do is pass it along.

Lyrics that unfold like a well-crafted 3 minute novel. And so dense they keep unfolding, and unfolding...and unfolding. Out of a garbage can springs a fully-bloomed rose.

These were just 2 tiny examples of Tom's songs. I suggest you go out and discover him more in-depth for yourself. You'll thank me. You'll thank Tom. You'll thank yourself.

Tom's also had a long relationship with the film world. Sometimes as a composer, like for "One From The Heart", sometimes as an actor like in "Rumble Fish" and this great funny scene with Iggy Pop from "Coffee and Cigarettes".

Seriously. If you skip over the videos in this blog, you're really missing some great stuff.


Here's a slice of the Yule from Tom. What I hope you gather from this blog is that all things mean different things to all people. They remain special, no matter the persepective. Don't knock a view if it's different than the one on your front porch.

Thanks Tom! You were "keeping it real" when the rest of us were afraid to. We're with you now.

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