Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Yuletide! Pagans and the Winter Solstice!

It's the MOST wonderful day of the year!

The Winter Solstice is here and FINALLY the days can start getting longer again. These frigid days here in Huntington Beach in the low 70's will soon be a thing of the past!

Makes me want to celebrate the way my pagan ancestors back in Germany used to. Dancing the night away, drinking Wassail and Mead, running naked through the moonlit snow and coaxing the Sun back to it's throne in the sky.

Worshipping the towering evergreen trees, hanging holly leafs from the door to keep away evil faeries and burning a Yule log to keep us warm through the night.

We didn't mind it so much when the Christian Church tried to get us to join their celebration, but they took it kinda hard. It made us feel bad, 'cause we pagans are good people. Luckily we poured some more Mead and Wassail and sang some more songs and forgot about them.

Then one year they moved their "magic baby Jebus' birthday" over a few months so they could celebrate at the same time as us and that seemed to make them happy.

I still don't see how they correlate our evergreen trees, holly berries, snow, burning Yule logs and generally making merry to appease our sun god symbolism with something they say happened in the desert hundreds of years after we started celebrating...but that's those crazy Christians for you!

"The more the merrier!", we pagans say. Let 'em join in.

Besides, if we play nice, they promise to tell their stories about "Zombie Jebus" rising from his tomb during our Spring festival again! Scaryyyyyy.

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