Sunday, December 13, 2009

Todd Snider concert with Ashleigh Flynn and 6 knuckleheads

Last night myself and some friends and family ventured to Hollywood to catch Todd Snider at the El Rey Theatre, an original art deco little intimate place along The Miracle Mile. For more of my take on Todd, click my earlier post back in October here.

Todd's opening act was a surprise and delight whom I (the guy who knows every one that no one else ever heard of) had never heard of, Ashleigh Flynn. She was GREAT! More on her a little later.

The players in our little comedy are myself, my nephews Brian, and Scott Campbell.

And buddy's Frank Terando, Kelli King and Mark Crowley.

I have polluted their minds with Todd Snider for a long time and was excited for us all to get to go see him. I myself in 15 years of following him, had never seen him, and was extra excited.

I had hipped Kelli to him just in the last few months, Frank and Mark over the last 5 or 6 years and Scott and Brian at least 10 years ago. Scott even pointed out that last night was 10 years in the making.

From here on out, I'll let the videos we made tell the story.

First, the pre-show as I gauge the crowd's anticipation factor...Barbara Walters' got NOTHIN' on me!

We had a couple cocktails at Scott's apartment before heading out and had a pre-concert warm up. Brian is especially geared up:

Then after a quick dinner at Cantor's on Fairfax...

...Scott pitches the idea that we walk the short distance to the show. "It's only a 20 minute walk" he proclaimed, then subliminally spit out "20 minutes...after our first stop." We should have listened.

Our first stop at The Farmers Market. For more beer. AND to let the rain begin.

Yes. A 20 minute walk AFTER the first 20 minute walk. In the RAIN.

After arriving and before the show:

We then went inside and watched our new heroine Ashleigh Flynn (for whom Mark became more than a little enamored). Here's a YouTube video I found of her. Great voice, great guitar playing and solid songwriter. This one's for you Mark.

Then it happened. Somewhere between Ashleigh's set, our adjourning outside to smoke and Scottie's drunken schmoozing trying to get us into the VIP section (which were MUCH worse seats than the 4th row center ones we already had) it happened.

We returned to our seats to find Scotty had given away a couple, and by the time I asked what happened, the big giant bouncers came and escorted Scotty from the premises.



Ejected, dejected and over all rejected.

A calm fell over the rest of us and an unspoken agreement that "We ain't missin' the show." and "Bye Scotty".

We were one man down, but it was still fun. Todd sang a bunch of our favorites and we all sang along.

After the show, we all expressed our opinions. Kelli and Frank of Todd Snider. Mark on his new crush of Ashleigh. And Brian on the management.

We got to see Todd finally. Or at least most of us did.

Scott has been wanting to see Todd for 10 years or better. He came within 10 minutes of doing so last night.

We'll get there Scotty. Todd still thinks you're an "Alright Guy".

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