Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holiday Music: Hardrock, Coco, Joe, Frosty and Susy

Oh, to live in a time when local TV was more than just orange-spray-on-tans, bleached-teeth and bolt-on-breasts giving me the "news". I put "news" in quotation marks, because "What color panties Lyndsay/Brittney/Paris are or are not wearing on a given day", "Winter fashion make-overs" and "What new skank has been texting Tiger" is NOT the real news anyway.

There was a time, before my time, when local television produced content that was worth watching and worth remembering.

Hobo Kelly, Sheriff John, Garfield Goose, Bozo the Clown.

Luckily with the Internet opening up the information stream and taking it away from marketing firms and multi-media conglomerates and with podcasting, blogging and the rest, there are creative folks again out there doing things worthwhile.

"Flying Spaghetti Monster bless YouTube" for letting us unlock those gems from the past side by side with everything else that's offered out there.

This post was inspired by comments from my big brother Bob and my friend Kate Campbell, who filled me in on a favorite from the past. WGN Chicago's contributions to the Christmas Music Mash-Up.


Dig in to the treats kiddies. There's more out there than just stale fruitcake!

Merry Christmas!

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