Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Dan Band - now I'm a "Concert-Going-MFer"

Now I'm feeling all "Hollywood Rock Star". We just went to the Todd Snider concert last weekend and at the last minute we found out my new favorite band, "The Dan Band" was coming to Anaheim this week. So off we went!

My buddy's Mark Crowley and Naomi "Little Sissy Nay Nay" Barraza were my posse.

Here they are relaxing pre-show in The Grove Theatre's "Terra Rosa Room"

My new favorite picture: Me, Naomi and her verrrrrrrrry warm and soft left breast. Mmmmmm.

For those of you still uninitiated to the music stylings of The Dan yourself a favor and enjoy.

Take off on Beyonce's "Single Lady":

Florence "Mrs. Brady" Henderson joins The Dan Band for Christmas:

Michael "American Idol" Johns joins The Dan Band:

Ah, there was beer, music, love and bro-mance in the air.

This is what happens after a night of Beyonce and Abba music apparently.

Hope you enjoyed it...if not for The Dan Band's take on it all, you'd never hear this putrid drek on this blog.

Merry Christmas Dan and the Band. It was a fun spontaneous night had by all!


Random Acts of Happy said...

I have been a fan of the Dan Band for a while now...I wish I were a better friend..I should have told you about them years ago!

Jeff Overturf said...

Don't feel bad, I'm sure you'll be the first to tell me when they die.

Random Acts of Happy said...

you know about Brittany Murphy, right?

Jeff Overturf said...

What do you mean? Last I heard she was as healthy as Roy Disney!

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